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Authorised Gas Tester and Marine Chemists


Authorised Gas tester   Authorised Marine Chemist



The Authorised Gas Tester courses designed to the OPITO standard and are intended to equip personnel with the knowledge and competencies required for testing atmospheres for:

  • Confined spaces for pre-entry and on an ongoing basis. Included is detailed instruction on the legislative/regulatory requirements, risk assessment safe systems of work and permits to work, gases and their hazards, sampling considerations and the theory and practice of gas detection and gas detectors. Other coursed include the testing for Hot Work, Purging and Inerting

Course certificates issued have three-year validity.


Authorised Marine Chemists are required in many parts of the work, but the opportunities to achieve this qualification are very scarce. Scienco run a number of specifically designed marine based Authorised Gas Tester courses tailor made to your applications.

The syllabus encompasses: confined spaces, hot work, purging, selection of gas detectors, risk assessments, safe systems of work, sampling methods, permits to work and other forms of hazard identification and certification.

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AGT Level 1   Confined Space Testing Help
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