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Selecting the correct gas detector may or may not be a simple process. Every application is different and budgets very. Consider for example the following applications:

  • confined space entry
  • purging and gas freeing
  • work in hazardous areas
  • ship tank entries
  • fuel tank entries
  • aircraft wing entries
  • a temporary shutdowns for maintenance and inspections
  • oil and gas pipelines
  • chemically treated vessels
  • measurement of mixed gas and vapour environments (complex matrix)
  • etc...

At a time when value for money is essential, spending a little time to review your requirements and purchases leads to improved quality and safety, but also reduces capital and revenue costs. (next)

Pac 7000X-am 7000Rae PID
 Crowcon DetectivePID X-Zone BW Micro clip
MultiRae LiteGascoseekerCMS Chip analyserAlcohol Tester
AreaRAEArea Rae SteelImpulse multigas
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